Tolu Kehinde is a resident physician at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. A Nigerian native and graduate of the MD-MBA program at Dartmouth, she is deeply committed to African agency and advancement.


At Dartmouth, she augmented coursework in medicine and business with professional experiences assessing vaccination policy implementation at the Rwandan Ministry of Health, exploring the future of senior living in America, and through an internship at African Leadership Academy in South Africa, creating the vision for the Academy’s healthcare network, ALforHealth. Over the course of her career, Tolu hopes to contribute to building robust African healthcare systems and furthering African development in as many ways as present themselves. She enjoys writing, theater, woodworking and chamomile tea. Her debut editorial work, Human: Voices of Tomorrow’s Doctors, on the psychosocial implications of medical training was published in the fall of 2019.


Prior to Dartmouth, Tolu worked as a neurology research assistant at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and studied Neuroscience and Behavior at Mount Holyoke College. 

You can find a recent CV here