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The Sun Was Made from Dark Things

The poetry collection started from a place of private introspection, and morphed into conversations with friends about daughterhood. Each conversation inspired a poem, and birthed the 26-poem collection. 

The collection is a work in progress and is currently unpublished. The poems, as they stand, include:

  1. Arson

  2. Search party    

  3. Talking terms  

  4. Reflux    

  5. Mourning   

  6. Crossroads    

  7. (Almost) Full circle  

  8. Second time’s a charm    

  9. Mirror, Mirror   

  10. Corrupted Letters   

  11. Sometimes mending makes no sound    

  12. Looks like we'll make a good muffin   

  13. Sometimes your mother gives good advice 

  14. Errand buddy 

  15. Inheritance  

  16. I have nowhere to put my grief  

  17. Positive 

  18. Afraid    

  19. Out of my shadow 

  20. Àwọn olówó síbí (The women in my family cook without recipes)   

  21. Haven    

  22. A sanctuary, for Hilda  

  23. Thursdays were for us   

  24. An eclair for everyone  

  25. In Fifty-Two Jackson, the sun was made from dark things 

  26. Your grandmother is a star    

If you are interested in publishing the collection, please send a note

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