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The Abiyamo Project

In 2019, I began using poetry to explore the complex and varied relationships between daughters and their mothers. I drew from my own experience, but also reached out to close friends, putting 10 questions to them as guides.


I nicknamed the project, "Abiyamo," a Yoruba word for Mother.


Each conversation inspired a poem and eventually grew into the poetry collection, The Sun Was Made from Dark Things.


The Abiyamo Project is an exploration of the many ways this work can live off the page.

The Exhibit
(Stay Tuned)



The Abiyamo Film


The Abiyamo Film

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The Abiyamo Exhibit

Interested in collaborating? Send a note.

The 10 Questions 

  1. Who raised you?​

  2. What was growing up like?

  3. Favorite memory with the person that raised you?

  4. Not-so-good memory with the person that raised you?

  5. What does being a daughter mean to you (When you were five vs 15 vs now?)

  6. How has your relationship with your “parent” evolved?

  7. What do you wish would stay the same and what do you wish were different?

  8. What parts of your "parent" do you see in yourself?

  9. What makes a good parent?

  10. Do you think of being a parent? What do you think or hope you’ll be like as a parent?

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